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Unproductive Games Communicators Play

(1) The Fog Maker:
    Keeps people guessing about what's expected, how well they're doing and what's going to happen.
    Figures the fuzzier the instructions the easier it is to find some reason to blame workers.
(2) The Exterminator:
    Motto is, "Come on, make my day!
    Tells people to do it or get fired.
(3) The God-Player:
    Uses phrases like, "Any idiot ought to know better than that!"
    Whatever people do is not good enough.
(4) The Social Director:
    Often asks, "Is everybody happy?"
    Assumes personal responsibility for everyone's problems.
(5) The Do-It-Yourselfer:
    Believes that, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
    Is a collector of other people's monkeys.
(6) The Carrom Shooter:
    Never talks directly to anyone. Takes pot shots at one employee through another.
    Carries gunny sack and stuffs feelings down in it.
(7) The Old-Timer:
    Often laments, "I remember when people used to work for a living."
    At every suggestion, replies, "That's not the way we've always done it."
(8) The Paper Hanger:
    Doesn't process paperwork; just shuffles papers.
    Motto is: "I know it's in here, somewhere."
(9) The Prosecutor:
    Publicly and loudly attacks anybody who errs.
    Assumes everybody's guilty until proven innocent.
(10) The Wimp:
    Afraid to confront anybody.
    Hates everybody but wouldn't dare tell them.
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