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How To Succeed In Business And In Life (six CD set)


Success is not a matter of luck, an accident of birth, or a reward for virtue. As this six CD program outlines, success is a matter of decision, commitment, planning, preparation, execution, and recommitment. This program is the complete plan for achieving professional excellence and enjoying personal fulfillment covering the following strategies for your journey from success to significance:

  • Decide to Succeed
  • Values, Principles, and Rules of Conduct
  • Commit to Succeed
  • Follow Your Vision
  • Plan Your Success
  • Prepare for Success
  • Gain Mental and Emotional Balance
  • Gain Social and Spiritual Balance
  • Motivate Yourself
  • Execute Your Plan
  • Recommit Yourself
  • Step Up to Success

    "Nido gives valuable and empowering steps to find your path to happiness, success, and the fulfillment of your dreams."
    - Les Brown


How To Communicate Like A Pro (six CD set)


Between business people, in group discussions and private conversations, communication means everything. Nido Qubein, consultant to the nation's top corporations, shares his techniques for successful communication in person, on paper, and on the podium. Your power to influence the lives of others in the world around you is as great as your ability to communicate. At home or at work, today's great communicators have more impact than ever before. This 12-session, six CD program is guaranteed to teach you how to communicate effectively in today's busy marketplace. You'll learn:

  • How to Become a Master Communicator
  • How to Get People to Pay Attention to You
  • How to Boost Your Audience Response Rating
  • How to Help People Understand You Through Images
  • How to Connect Through Stories
  • How to Break Through Communication Barriers
  • How to Listen Perceptively
  • How to Target for Maximum Impact
  • How to Target Results
  • How to Give an Effective Speech
  • How to Put More Power in Your Writing
  • How to Communicate in the Information Age
    "Nido has condensed the essence of effective communication into an easy to use, simple, practical series of ideas that can be used anywhere." - Brian Tracy

    "It improved my communication skills by 200%; people actually listen to what I have to say now!" (Listener Feedback)

  • How To Position Yourself For Success (six CD set)


    Some people are talented at speaking before audiences, some at writing books, some at leading others, some at starting businesses. We're just talented in different ways. If you want to succeed, identify the areas in which you are talented and commit to developing those talents to the fullest. This six CD program will help you do that with 12 proven strategies for uncommon achievement, including proven studies and unforgettable tips. You'll learn:

  • How to Develop the Winner's Attitude
  • How to Create Your Own Success System
  • How to Focus Your Differential Advantage
  • How to Turn Problems into Opportunities
  • How to Boost Your Impact with People
  • How to Make Every Minute Count
  • How to Communicate Successfully
  • How to Master Success Skills
  • How to Become a Successful Negotiator
  • How to Become an Effective Leader
  • How to Turn Stress into Creative Energy
  • How to Make Excellence a Way of Life

    "Nido Qubein excels in this field and you have an opportunity to learn from one of the all-time great leaders and communicators." - Howard Putnam, Former CEO, Southwest Airlines

  • Power Marketing Strategies for Your Business (six CD set)


    Learn how to increase your visibility and profitability in a cluttered marketplace.

    In this recently recorded CD program, Nido Qubein outlines the strategic objectives you need to focus your creative energies for long-term business growth. Marketing productivity directly relates to sales, which underscores the necessity of an outstanding promotional plan.

    Your unique differential advantage can help you achieve greater strength by creating a niche for your business in the market. Highlighting your specialized expertise can not only increase sales, but grow your reputation among customers.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Dynamite Marketing Strategies to Propel Any Business Forward
  • How to Cash in on Your Unique Marketing Advantage
  • How You Can Benefit from Strategic Marketing
  • 13 Tactics for Greater Marketing Power
  • Why Should People Buy What You Have to Sell?
  • Ten Questions to Focus Your Business

  • Keys for Building and Growing Your Business (six CD set)


    Essential Ideas and Tactics for strategic achievement and consistent profitability in any new or existing business

    Running a successful business is not just about operating an efficient model at a profit. It involves garnering mega attention from the public so that you can sustain your business in the long term. These practical ideas will empower you with the know-how and mindset to promote your expertise in a fluid and flowing manner.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Ten Extraordinary Business Lessons
  • Seven Laws of Achievement
  • Ten Concepts to Grow Your Business
  • Ten Major Contributors to Business Failure and How to Avoid Them
  • Tactics for Building a Powerful Business Model
  • 20 Ways to Make People Take Notice of You and Your Business

  • Life Lessons for Personal and Professional Growth (six CD set)


    How to do more, be more, and have more while living a balanced life of success and significance

    Achieving happiness and fulfillment in one’s personal life is often the reason one works so hard in their professional life. Many people tend to forget that living a balanced life is often about achieving significance not simply monetary success.

    Through an understanding of behavioral economics and sound life balance principles, Nido Qubein shares the standards through which he leads his personal life and business career. Learn the principles of training vs. education; diversification vs. hedging; and confidence vs. authority.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Secrets for Living a Life of Significance
  • Twenty Life Lessons for Personal and Professional Success
  • Ten Fundamentals for Extraordinary Success
  • The Essentials of Success for the Master Professional
  • Nido Qubein’s Personal Journey
  • Living a Balanced Life

  • Building a Powerhouse Brand that Lasts (six CD set)


    How to Develop a Brand that Builds Value, Boosts Profit, and Connects with Customers

    The positioning of your business can be improved through strategic actions that add credibility, power, and support. Customers respond to knowledgeable and respected resources. These powerhouse tactics suggest opportunities for building a “wow” brand in any business.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Are You a Hershey or a Godiva?
  • Seven Power Tactics for Improving Your Business Strength
  • Pinpointing Your Position in the Marketplace
  • Ten Steps for Powerful Positioning in a Complex Marketplace
  • Powerful Promotion Practices for the 21st Century
  • Seven Powerful Direct Marketing Tools

  • Effective Strategies for Managing Client Relationships (six CD set)


    How to turbocharge your client relationships for maximum satisfaction and profitability

    Building client relationships and creating effective sales programs are at the core of a successful business. This session gets to the root of why consumers buy and how the marketplace determines the value of your products and services. These ideas will challenge you to become a value interpreter and boost your business goals to new heights.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Why Should I Buy a Ticket to Your Park?
  • Boosting Sales Through Value Integration
  • How to Sell Your Services and Products
  • How to Promote for Maximum Profitability
  • How to Satisfy Demanding Clients
  • How to Pin Down Evasive Clients

  • The Wise Ways of Transformational Leaders (six CD set)


    How to develop a visionary mindset for results-oriented leadership

    Transformational leaders demonstrate specific traits and act upon certain ideas to encourage their team and drive effective results. Learn the influential patterns of experienced leaders who produce successful employees and motivated teams.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Inspiring Others to Peak Performance
  • Developing the Mindset of a Transformational Leader
  • 18 Fundamentals for Transformational Leaders
  • How to Use Public Speaking to Open Doors
  • How to Manage for Maximum Profits
  • Ten Ways to Create and Benefit from Media Exposure

  • Power Secrets for Building Your Wealth Mindset (six CD set)


    How to Create Million-Dollar Habits that Grow Your Bottom Line

    The desire for wealth often drives the business decisions and personal goals of business people. Most people shrink their dreams to match their income and then justify their position in life. Few expand their incomes to match their dreams.

    These immediate action steps will spark a shift in how you draft a wealth building plan. By following these often overlooked strategies, you can completely makeover your financial outlook while dramatically enhancing your high standards in life.

    This 6-CD program includes the following titles:

  • Establishing the Foundation for a Wealth-Oriented Mindset
  • Redefining Your Financial Mindset
  • Think Like a Millionaire
  • The 14 Key Factors for Progressive Wealth Building
  • Practical Concepts for Pragmatic Financial Planning
  • The Distinctive Difference for Your Business

  • Uncommon Sense (six CD set)


    People tend to lead their lives according to conventional wisdom, which often serves as a substitute for critical thinking. Sometimes we learn that conventional wisdom only represents one side of the coin. When we turn the coin, we get a fresh perspective that can lead us to achievement through uncommon sense.

    This 6-CD program contains 43 lessons that will surprise you and inspire you. Each is packed with wisdom and meaning that you’ll want to learn and share with others. This program encourages you to take a creative look at things often taken for granted and examine common principles that hold far more truths than at first perception.

    Study the distinctions made in this program, and learn to apply them everyday to lead a fuller and more satisfying life of significance.


    Nido Qubein LIVE: Inspiring Presentations to Nourish Your Mind and Feed Your Soul (six CD set)


    Dr. Nido Qubein is president of High Point University in High Point, North Carolina, an institution boasting more than 4,000 students from 50 countries. This program includes live recordings of Dr. Qubein addressing students, faculty, parents, and families during his first three years in office. These inspiring speeches are packed with seeds of wisdom and heartfelt advice, and they captivate audiences of all ages through both humor and insight.


    The Power of One: A Live Presentation (DVD)


    This dynamic presentation is packed with powerful insight that will both entertain and inspire. Recorded before a live audience of La-Z-Boy Furniture executives in Las Vegas, Nido Qubein focuses on what it takes to efficiently and effectively reculture an organization in today's world. His meaningful advice and colorful examples are applicable in any organization.

    Approximate Running Time: 55 minutes


    The Art of Effective Communication: A Live Presentation (DVD)


    This live presentation showcases Nido Qubein's expertise in the world of communication. He shares tips on how to connect with others and thrive in today's demanding business market. Through humor and real life examples, he offers meaningful communication strategies for cutting through the clutter and having your voice heard.

    Approximate Running Time: 1 hour 16 minutes


    From Success to Significance: A Live Presentation (DVD)


    This information-packed presentation will inspire and motivate professionals to grow their businesss to new heights. Recorded before a live audience in Palm Springs, CA, Nido Qubein focuses on the power of branding to build a sustainable business model. His humorous anecdotes and powerful points of wisdom are applicable to most any business or professional situation.

    Approximate Running Time: 1 hour 17 minutes


    From Brand Awareness to Brand Advocacy: A Live Presentation (DVD)


    In this speech, Nido Qubein shares the importance of branding and perception in today's world. No matter what your business, the way people believe and perceive you to be becomes your reality. His points and strategies are wrapped in humorous stories and life lessons that provide value and substance.

    Approximate Running Time: 46 minutes