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Productive Games Communicators Play

The Facilitator:
  Makes it easy for people to do their jobs.
Uses key log technique to solve problems.
The Enabler:
  Teaches people how and why, not just what.
Keeps interference to a minimum.
The Empowerer:
  Generates enthusiasm.
Helps people discover better ways.
  The Guide:
  Sets a good example.
Leads people to peak performance.
  The Encourager:
  Helps people believe in themselves.
Lifts people when they feel down, but without assuming
responsibility for their problems.
  The Complimenter:
  Tries to catch people doing something right.
Gives compliments in public; criticizes only in private.
  The Peacemaker:
  Works constructively to settle disputes.
Serves as an advocate to both management and workers.
  The Communicator:
  Listens responsively.
Keeps constant dialog going.
  The Challenger:
  Shows people their potential, without highlighting their failures.
Rewards people for their progress.
  The Evaluator:
  Makes clear what is expected.
Inspects results.
Let's people know exactly where they stand.
copyright Nido R Qubein
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