If you could view your life as you do a highway from an airliner, many of the detours and curves would make more sense.

Dr. Nido Qubein


Perhaps the best measure of a speaker's impact is the response that remains long after the performance. The following testimonials have been taken from literally hundreds of letters on file. They are candid comments from corporate leaders and meeting planners, like yourself, who have found that Dr. Nido Qubein is an excellent investment for the success of any meeting or conference. For decades, he has been a trusted advisor to many of America's finest organizations.

Nido's purpose definitely is to serve his clients. He does a fantastic job of communicating the information. His biggest value, though, is the information the audiences take home - it inspires people to take action.

-Charlene White, President and CEO, Progressive Concepts

My good friend Nido Qubein is one of America's top talents and consultants. His zest for life mesmerizes audiences all over the world.

-Art Linkletter, Beverly Hills, California

I never cease to be impressed with the standard of excellence Nido sets every time he takes to the platform. The mastery of his techniques is equaled only by the content of his messages.

-Casey Kasem, Hollywood, California

Nido really knows how to move, motivate and communicate with people. His presentation had a positive impact that reflected in increased performance and results.

-Graeme Clegg, Chairman, New Image International

You wowed them! Our people kept telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation and, more importantly, how much they learned.

-Joseph J. Jacobs, Ph.D, Chairman of the Board, Jacobs Engineering Group

Your presentation was both educational and informative. You set a positive and dynamic tone for our special event.

-Susan G. Vinson, President, Consolidated Distributors

There are many so-called professional speakers on the circuit today. I am pleased to say that Nido is in a very distinguished class and that we will invite him back soon.

-R. K. Sehgal, Chairman and CEO, Law Companies Group

It's an honor to recommend Nido Qubein. His presentations to our two most important sales management meetings were outstanding. He did such a great job for us.

-Neil L. Jones, Director of Sales Training, Radio Shack

Thank you for the wonderful job you did as our opening speaker at our national convention. You were a smashing success.

-Harold L. Waddell, President, Realty World

His commitment and follow through made Nido's presentation at our convention tremendous. He did his homework to understand our philosophy and then used his skill and knowledge in teaching the points we asked him to cover. The benefits have been unbelievable.

-Lowell E. Foletta, President, Water Resources International

Your considerable skills showed well at our annual sales meeting. You did a superb job.

-Michael K. Dugan, President, Henredon Furniture Industries

Your presentation was very effective and made our dealers feel like you knew who they are and what is going on in our industry. You gave us an outstanding presentation.

-David A. Slikkers, President, S2 Yachts

On our seminar evaluations, Nido Qubein was marked outstanding by every single participant. His materials gave us ideas we could put to work immediately. He provides inspiration with substance.

-Martie Ormsby, President and CEO, GN Danavox

The accolades keep rolling in! Your message was just what our attendees needed. Many thanks for a great job.

-Joseph P. Logan, Director of Finance, American Furniture Manufacturers Association

Thank you for the superb program. Very few speakers have the ability to captivate an audience of normally antsy and impatient sales people for even an hour much less three and a half hours as you did. You were the most popular speaker we have had at any of our National Sales Meetings.

-Thomas C. Fishburne, Division Vice President, United Guaranty Residential Insurance Co.

You were terrific! You helped make this our most successful conference ever. Thanks for making our company look so good.

-David Churilla, Director/Group Marketing, Companion Life Insurance Company

Your style of delivery, your words of encouragement and your wisdom, captivated the audience.

-Pat Sharpe, Sales Director, AT&T

I knew you'd be terrific, but you exceeded my expectations.

-Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

Your message for the general assembly was 'LIFE CHANGING’…and then to top it off, your conversation in the hall afterwards on "transformational impact" is exactly what I needed to hear! It was so profound and hit the pit of my spirit...Thanks again for being transparent enough for me to see where I am and what I need to do...to get where I want to go!

-Audience Member, Bethesda, Maryland

WOW!! I take to heart your teachings and was astounded to hear an accomplished man cement what I have felt deep down for a long time. You’ve reminded me that what limits us is our own beliefs and mindset. I've always known that I would succeed, but you've helped me in a very motivational way.

-Audience Member, Topeka, Kansas

What a fantastic speaker you are! You are definitely someone who has achieved success and not because of what you have accomplished financially, but what you have provided humanity.

-Audience Member, Chicago, Illinois

Your words and outlook on life are extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your story and insights with all of us.

-Audience Member, Irvine, California

I want to thank you for the impact you have made on my life over the past few days. I honestly believe my life will never be the same again. You are truly gifted, and I know that God has given you this gift to inspire greatness in others. You definitely challenged me to take life to a new level of significance. It was an honor and a privilege to hear your insight, and I hope to have the opportunity to cross paths with you many more times in life.

-Audience Member, Charlotte, North Carolina

Your presentation was outstanding, energizing, and applicable to so much more than just the world of business. I found many of the points you made to be helpful in my personal life as well as my business life. I am proud that you represent the best in all of us. Thank you again for reaffirming so many positive aspects that we all need to hear again to keep heading in the right direction.

-Audience Member, Greensboro, North Carolina

We expected good. What we got was great!

-William Sheridan, Director/Sales & Marketing, AmerUS Life